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Equirus Wealth Management aims to be a trusted advisor and money manager for its clients’ personal and business needs on a platform of transparency, product innovation and performance. Driven by our principles of focus, innovation and trust, the wealth management services will focus on offering the most suitable investment advice specific to the needs of our clients. Our holistic view to wealth management coupled with a product agnostic approach and transparency helps us provide a responsible advisory experience.

Client Centric

The client is at the centre of our being. The relationship is grounded in understanding his priorities. We derive inspiration from our guiding principle, ‘What is right for the client is what is right for us’ approach. This means we recommend only those solutions that are appropriate for the client and nothing else.

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360 Degree Solution

Best-of-breed investment solutions from product providers in equity, fixed income, real estate , alternate investment classes, Estate Planning and Tax Advisory. Equirus Wealth Management seeks to deliver to its clients not only wisdom in the arena of investment management, but also address holistically their business needs by leveraging the group’s strengths in other businesses, to provide solutions in the areas of Capital Markets, Private Equity, and M&A.

Governance & Transparency

We look at the business as a partnership. Clarity of thought and action governs our practice. Integrity guides our behaviour. We stick to our commitments and remain true to ourselves and our clients. Our client is sensitized to his investments, disclosures like risk factors, suitability besides applicable fees, etal.

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