Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Portfolio Management Services with Proven Records

Equirus Portfolio Management Services (PMS) focuses on taking concentrated bets for the long term, in high quality publicly listed Indian companies at reasonable valuations. As investment managers, our primary goal is to generate significant outperformance over the broader Indian indices over a 3–5 year period.

Leveraging on a long track record of value creation by institutional research teams, Equirus PMS intends to focus on businesses with leadership positions in industries with long runways. We intend to be early in the business discovery, thus providing us maximum earnings growth with limited churn.

Investment Philosophy

Equirus PMS Investment philosophy is based on the synergies of value and quality. We intend to invest in relatively undiscovered businesses with long growth potential. To qualify for our portfolio, companies must have the several qualities most relevant to long-term growth—qualities recognized and rewarded over time by investors—and be selling at a price below their intrinsic value.

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We strictly follow the bottom-up approach, and all companies must clear our careful and detailed checklist. This approach means we can consider a broad range of securities investments across market capitalisation. We are not limited or have any biases found within several firms pledging to invest only on the basis of quality, growth, earnings momentum or value. We do not mimic any index and consider companies in all industries.

What Differenciaties Us

Undiscovered companies

We focus on buying high quality companies at reasonable valuation (risk-reward ratio must be favourable). We strive to invest in companies which are generally ignored by the investment community and thus, are under-researched and under-owned. We intent to be early in the discovery to capture maximum earnings growth potential. We have a bias for small and mid-cap companies.

Long-term outlook

We buy companies with long-term growth potential for atleast next 3-5 years. This not only allows us to capture the earning growth but also gain from valuation re-rating.

Concentrated bets

We focus on taking concentrated bets (15-17 holdings). Maximum investment in a position is 10% and in a sector is 30% on cost basis.

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Non-model portfolio approach

We don’t follow model portfolio approach. Whenever we receive capital (initial/additional) only those portfolio companies are bought for which the prices are in the buy range (risk-reward ratio is favourable). Rest of the portfolio companies, despite being part of our older portfolios, are not bought and we wait to get a better entry price.

Interests aligned

95% of portfolio manager’s net-worth is invested in the fund. His interests are completely aligned with the clients.

Disclosure Document

Investor Communique

To know more about our investor communique click here

Direct Onboarding Route

All clients have an option to invest in the products / investment approaches directly, without intermediation of persons engaged in distribution services.


Client can directly approach us by sending an email on pmsops@equirus.com

PMS Team

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